Inertia, Edinburgh Film Festival

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Illuminating The Space – Kate Wilkins

The light circles the Radio Cineola tower, creating contrast and shadows, with its own control of time and communication. Fake news, fake time?

The thread of time in The Inertia Variations poem resonates with me, being personally terrified of inertia but constantly struggling with the pace of the days. Often wanting to stop, to embrace the moment, to slow down the race of life, to take back some control.

The sun’s daily commute governs our days, and we have a deep biological connection to the sun’s movement whilst also seeming to lose the ability to live in harmony with nature and making our own choices. Our circadian rhythms depend on the sunrise, sunsets and daylight, and yet our daily and nightly interfacing with the artificial planet we have created seems to dominate our lives to the detriment of our relationship with the natural world.

In the recent installation in Edinburgh, we took the tower ‘underground’ and removed any connection to daylight by subtracting the blue light waves to simply focus upon the slow circular movement around the tower; the lighting illuminating our uneasy relationship to time-too much or not enough?

Radio Cineola: The Inertia Variations is a collaborative Anglo-Swedish project:
Matt Johnson (composer)
Johanna St Michaels (filmmaker)
Jacob Sahlqvist (architect)
Kate Wilkins (light designer)
John Tottenham (poet)

Photography: Johanna St Michaels, Beth M. Cameron ©EIFF

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